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Common Sense RBTI™ consulting

Burning Bush LLC

Common Sense RBTI™ consulting


Common Sense RBTI provides affordable consulting for people who want to get started with RBTI, but are overwhelmed by the learning curve.

Both of the comprehensive consulting options include:

  • Consulting via email correspondence with Nicole
  • Multiple rounds of in-depth interview questions from Nicole
  • Analysis of first set of RBTI numbers (with test training as necessary)
  • Initial RBTI recommendations
  • Additional recommendations based on your situation

The helpful "continuing guidance" option adds two features:

  • 4 weekly email exchanges to ease you into new habits
  • Your recommendations will be “time-released” over the course of the four weeks to give you maximum benefit

Follow-up consultations are available to those who have already completed initial consultations.

Service is rendered via email in most options; those wishing to work via phone can purchase 15-minute blocks of phone consultation time. When you order your phone time, we will contact you to schedule your appointment.

À la carte RBTI recommendations are for those who already know how to run their numbers and just want straight recommendations.

What happens when you purchase

After your purchase, our team will get in touch to ensure eligibility. We will send you a consulting agreement; we must have your signed agreement on file prior to services. Of course, your money will be refunded if we're unable to serve you.

Name-Your-Refund Guarantee

Your purchase is risk-free. If you feel we haven’t listened to you well or our advice hasn’t advanced your health, just let us know within 90 days of your purchase how much of a refund you think is fair for your most recent consulting purchase. We’ll issue your refund promptly and cheerfully.

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